About us

Today, thanks to Google, TripAdvisor and the likes, it is a piece of cake to search for businesses, restaurants or POI (Point Of Interest). However, we have no reference whatsoever when searching for an event (e.g., festivals, shows, concerts, classes…). Event information is typically published on different platforms, like Facebook, Google, local sites or news websites, but remains fragmented and incomplete.

Eventa is your solution for Local Event Discovery. We get your events found locally, and easily by the people you want. Our portal www.eventa.us allows event goers to discover events super easily, while being hyper-targeted based on location and preferences.

Some people search for events, and others plan them. The goal for both sides is to create a lasting experience for themselves and others. Promoting an event is hard work. Our goal is to make things a lot easier for everyone involved. That’s why we created premium services that optimize your event’s visibility and free up your time. Discover now our offer  

Our Team

Andrea Zanda

Founder & CEO

Gianluca Vinci


Andrea Cau

Backend Dev

Stefano Salidu

Frontend Dev

Martina Serusi

Copywriter & Columnist

Alberto Congiu

Sales Manager

Laura Dettori

Customer Care

Andrea Kovacic

Graphic Designer

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