Jul 13

Saturday 13 July 2019 - 8:00 AM

IX Art Park - Charlottesville


LARPfaire is Charlottesville's first-ever ALL Live Action Role Play Single-Day Convention. Guest LARPs invite you to see and experience a taste of their worlds. Public attendees will see, hear and (in some cases) take part in live demonstrations! Vendors will sell you fantastical wares from other times and places only reachable by the imagination. LARP and Vendor Representatives: to attend, email Some of the guest LARPs inn attendance will be: Dagorhir Battle Games ***Zorn Vongal ***The Companions Darkon ***Crownlands ***The Realm of Silverdain Amtgard Society for Creative Anachronism Numina LARP Learn LARP / Magischola Lost Colonies LARP Crux LARP ORCS LARP

Miranda Lambert: Roadside Bars...


Nov 7

John Paul Jones Arena


David Sedaris


Oct 16

Martin Luther King Jr Performing Arts Center