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Want to promote your event, but do not have the time and skills? We're on it!

With years of experience in this market, our team can increase the visibility of your event.


What We Offer

We know that each organizers has different needs and resources. We offer three packages—choose the one that best fits your needs.

Silver Visibility

The date of your event is very close, but you want to reach more people?
The Silver Visibility package will to boost the visibility of your event, making sure it's featured at the top of your city's portal, and added to the recommended list of events the Featured Events section.

Gold Visibility

More time means more visibility.
With the Gold Visibility package Eventa will double your event's online exposure. The Gold Visibility package provides the maximum visibility on Eventa.us.

Visibility Top*

Do you want to increase the range of your event's exposure by adding it to several Social Media too?
We have a large following on the biggest and most important social networks, and we will identify the proper audience for your event with our Top Visibility package.

*The service is available only if purchased eight days before your event's start date, or earlier.


Create or import your event

If you already have all the information, venue and program of your event? Just fill in the form and create your event.

If your event is already published on Facebook or Eventbrite —great!— just to click on Import Event to automatically import it into Eventa.


Start your sponsorship

With the Top Visibility package, your event will be sponsored on different social media with the latest communication techniques, further boosting its visibility.

How much is your time actually worth to you? We estimate that people spend on average 6 hours to manage and maintain a campaign — win that time back.

With Eventa, you can do it with one click!


Enjoy your event

You deal with making the event perfect in every way, and we deal with promoting it.

You can trust that at Eventa.us a fantastic team with over 10 years of experience in the promotion and marketing of events will be ready to help.


Receive your report

The event is over and you want to now find out how many people you reached? Within 10 days of the event, we will send you a detailed recap of user interaction with the campaign.

There is no time to waste

Choose the service that's right for you