About Eventa

Below you can find them most frequently asked questions (and related answers) regarding Eventa.

1. Why should I sign up?

To discover any and all events listed in the US, by place and date. Signing up is fast and free: you can do it on Eventa.US in a few seconds. Anonymous users will have partial access to the platform.

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2. How can I create an event on your site?

To create the event in our site, follow these steps

  • 1)  Sign in to eventa.us;
  • 2)  Click on Create your event on the top right corner;
  • 2)  ign up if you haven’t already;
  • 4)  Insert your event's details on the form;
  • 5)  Click on Create Event.

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3. Why should my event be on Eventa?

Eventa is one of the top event aggregators in the world, and yes, we mean it covers the entire world!

We aggregate all event content from Facebook, Eventbrite, and all other main event platforms in the U.S., according to their applicable privacy policies and terms and conditions.

If your event would benefit from more visibility, click on the link below and take a look at the services we offer.

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4. I inserted wrong information for my event, how do I fix it?

Sign in to Eventa and go to your user profile, then click on the menu and on Created Events. Select the event and click on > Manage. There, you can make any change to your event.

5. My event is listed on Eventa, but I want to delete it; how do I do that?

To edit or delete your event, first sign in to Eventa and verify that it is indeed your event. Note that you will need to sign up to delete your event. As noted above, you can sign up in two ways:

  • -  Write the same email used to create the event (if you have already inserted the event on Facebook or Eventbrite, for instance);
  • -  Sign in with Facebook with the same account used to create the event.

Once you logged in, access the Created Events section in your profile, select the event you want to remove and click on > Delete.

6. What kind of premium services do you offer?

We offer additional visibility for your events. Our Premium Services range from the promotion of your events on our platform, to the management of campaigns on major Social Networks. For more information, click here.

7. How can I learn more about an event?

You can find general information in the event description. Aside from that, Eventa does not know more than what the event organizer chose to publish. Eventa does not track or manage event contents or detailed information.

8. Can I email you?

Yes, our email address is here, or write to [email protected]
You may also use the form in the “Contact” section of the website. We strive to answer each and every one of you as quickly as possible.

9. Can I delete my account?

You cannot delete your account on your own, but you can send a request to do this by emailing [email protected].
Your account will be removed as soon as possible

10. Do you organize events or do you manage them?

No. Eventa is neither an event organizer nor an event manager. Our goal is to help event goers discover events, and event organizers to reach as many people as possible. Eventa is a digital advertising platform.

Still questions? Our team can clear up any doubt. Just contact us.