About Event Promotion

Below you can find them most frequently asked questions (and related answers) regarding Eventa Sponsorship.

1. How can I promote my event?

To increase your event’s visibility, we offer three premium services. If none of those match your exact needs, you can request a custom sponsorship by clicking on Request More Info.

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2. How long does it take in order to start my sponsorship?

All of our packages garantee immediate activation on the Eventa page. The social campaign (included in the Top Visibility package) will be activated within 48 hours-and we will work to activate it as soon as possible within that time window.

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3. How long will this sponsorship last?

The sponsorship starts as soon as we receive your payment, and ends when your event finishes. According to the premium service you choose, we will work together to analyze the ideal duration of your Eventa sponsorship. Based on our experience, sponsorship campaigns beginning 15 to 20 days prior to the event start, are the most effective. 

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4. Which social media network do you use for marketing events?

Trust our professional team! We create engaging, highly targeted posts across Facebook and Instagram. Our goal is to reach as many qualified would-be event goers as possible.

5. How many events can I promote?

Each of our premium services can be purchased for one single event. If you would like to request a custom service, feel free to contact our customer care

6. I organize tons of events, is it possible to schedule a marketing campaign that runs longer than 15 days?

Contact our team about scheduling a custom campaign. We will need all necessary information from you to create a business proposal that fits your needs

7. How do I pay for the services?

You can pay with your Paypal account or by credit card. All payment informations are SSL protected. Contact our team for more information regarding payments.

8. Are there any additional costs? Like taxes?

No. Our listing prices includes taxes, and there are NO additional costs or hidden fees whatsoever..

9. Will I get an invoice when I buy one of your premium services?

Once you make the payment, you will complete a form containing the information for your invoices. You will receive an invoice directly at your email address.  

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10. I just paid. Now what?

We will send you a form, for you to fill out. Please include your personal info and essential information about your event, so we can best promote it! Don’t worry, an Eventa team member will always be ready to answer your questions, and guide you through:

  • 1)  Gathering information about event;
  • 2)  Identifying the target audience;
  • 3)  Notifying you when the campaign is active;
  • 4)  Sending you a report at the end of the campaign

Do you still have questions? Our team can address them. Just contact us.